LG announced a trio of new French door refrigerators today, all of which include a "CustomChill" drawer that promises flexible storage and customizable temperature controls.

The new fridge offerings look to be designed to compete directly with recent four-door releases from Samsung, particularly the RF28HMELBSR/AA . That particular fridge bears the same French door styling as LG's newcomers, along with a "FlexZone" drawer that LG'S CustomChill drawer seems practically identical to. The first of the three LG models, the LMXS30746, even carries the exact same MSRP of $3,599.

The two aren't quite interchangeable, though. LG's refrigerator includes the popular "Door-in-Door" feature, which makes it possible to store small items in a cavity located within the door, then access them without opening the entire refrigerator. According to LG, this reduces cold air loss by up to 47 percent.

Samsung's fridge, on the other hand, tries to set itself apart with smarts. You'll find an 8-inch Wi-Fi-enabled LCD touch screen right on the door that can mirror your Samsung smartphone, or run apps like Pandora on its own. You'll find a similar screen on LG's now-discontinued Smart ThinQ refrigerator from 2013.

The two other new arrivals to LG's refrigerator family (models LMXC24746 and LMXS30776S) have the same four-door design with the CustomChill drawer in the middle, but throw in counter-depth design and a larger capacity, respectively. The first retails for $3,899, the second for $3,999.

The new refrigerators are available now at select retailers nationwide.