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LG 32LT75 review: LG 32LT75

The Good Picture quality; menu systems; built-in PVR; styling; remote; sensible price.

The Bad Sound is a little weak.

The Bottom Line The LG 32LT75 is a superb way of reducing clutter in your lounge without losing the ability to record your favourite TV channels. Nothing about this TV disappoints apart from the slightly weedy sound

Visit for details.

8.3 Overall

With the death of VHS came a new opportunity -- recorders that simply store digital TV on computer hard drives instead of on messy, bulky, low-quality tape. It's a fantastic way of simplifying your living room and it's a lot easier to used than traditional tape based recording.

With this new technology comes a size advantage. The hardware needed to record digital signals to a hard drive is all very small. The drives themselves are also compact, so they can be built into the television, and with few moving parts, the risk of failure is reasonably small, too.

For around £570, does the LG 32LT75 manage to offer an all-in-one solution for both watching and recording your favourite TV shows?

If someone hadn't told us that the 32LT75 had a Freeview Playback PVR hidden within its piano black walls, we would never have guessed by looking at it. The attractive TV isn't hampered at all by its built in 160GB hard disk.

The TV is very pleasant to look at indeed. We'd go so far as to say it's one of the nicest screens from the Korean giant we've ever seen. It's well designed, too -- the stand comes in the box, but isn't attached to the screen. It's a simple matter of four screws to secure it to the base. You can also opt to wall-mount the TV if you like. Although a bracket isn't included, the VESA holes are ready and waiting to be used.

At the back of the screen, you'll find a pair of HDMI sockets -- about standard for a 32-inch TV, but we'd like to see three. There are also VGA, component and two Scart sockets.

The remote control is quite large, but it's also sturdy and well built. The remote's buttons have a positive feel to them and everything operates smoothly when you press something. There doesn't seem to be a noticeable lag between pressing a button and the TV reacting. Good stuff -- just what we like to see.

Obviously, the main feature of this TV is the 160GB PVR that's built in. What we found especially pleasing about this feature is that it's so well integrated into the TV, not just physically, but the way the software allows you to control it.

As you would probably expect, the PVR is tied to the TV's electronic programme guide. Selecting a show to record is as simple as entering the EPG, picking the programme you want and pressing the record button. This being a Freeview Playback-compliant TV means you get an eight-day EPG from which to select what you want to record. Freeview Playback also offers features like accurate start times -- so you don't miss a programme if it is delayed -- and split recordings -- where a film or other programme is split into two -- by the news, for instance.

You can also use 'series link' to record every episode in a series. Pretty handy if you forget Spooks is shown on a Tuesday, or can't remember which nights Eastenders is on.

The LG 32LT75 also has other tricks up its sleeve. It's a 720p TV, but it can happily accept a 1080p signal and downconvert it to 720p. While this probably won't be a huge selling point, it's good to know the TV can handle any signal you can throw at it.

Here's a rarity in this PVR -- where most can only copy with digital TV, the LG can record an analogue TV signal. If you aren't lucky enough to live in an area with digital terrestrial television yet, this will almost certainly be of interest to you. It also means you can record a signal from the Scart or composite video inputs, which is handy for recording programmes from Sky.

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