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Lexmark X4650 review: Lexmark X4650

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The Good Good text print speeds. Simple set-up. Option to skip software. Wi-Fi.

The Bad Inbuilt display is limited. Photo printing is slow and average.

The Bottom Line Students on a budget should consider the X4650, but only against the vast raft of other MFDs on the market.

7.3 Overall

The Lexmark X4650 is a big black monolith of a printer that Lexmark pitches at the home and student market; the basic idea is that this is the unit you'll buy after having a cheap home inkjet, but before breaking out the bigger dollars for either a better photo unit, or a fully fledged SOHO laser.

Big is exactly the right word to describe the X4650; with a footprint of 175x459x331mm and carrying weight of 5.3kg, this is going to make a serious dent in any student's desk. Most of that size is taken up with the scanner array, although you may be slightly disappointed the first time you pop up the lid, as despite its large size, there's a fairly big bezel around the A4-sized scanner plate.

Controls on the X4650 have been kept simple, with direct buttons for copying, scanning and direct photo printing. Unlike a number of MFDs in the AU$100-$200 price space, you won't find a full LCD for photo preview and menu selection duties. Lexmark has instead opted for a simple monochrome LED display, which is fine for menu selections, but means you've got to fall back on printing proof sheets if you're printing from a camera or storage media.

On the print side, Lexmark rates the X4650 as capable of printing up to 25 pages per minute (ppm) in black and 18ppm when colour printing. Those aren't the most extravagant claims we've seen out of a printer vendor, which raised our hopes that they might actually be close to real working conditions — very few claimed figures come close to what we've seen testing with real documents. The scanner on the X4650 is a CIS (Contact Image Sensor) type unit with a claimed resolution depth of 36-bit in colour and 12-bit greyscale.

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