Bottoms up, literally with LevitatingCup

LevitatingCup floats above counters making coasters obsolete.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
Brian Bennett is a former senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET.
Brian Bennett
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The LevitatingCup uses an electromagnet to float above bars and tables.


If you think crystal clear ice and smoke-steeped cocktails are cutting-edge bar techniques get ready something truly wild. Behold the $179 LevitatingCup, a glass which actually floats in air inches above counters and bar tops.

Suspended by the force of an electromagnet, the creators of the LevitatingCup claim this unique system is the world's first portable device to offset gravity using electricity. This isn't the only levitating home gizmo we've caught wind of either. The Air Bonsai is a similar product billed to lift bonsai trees artfully above table tops.

Aside from the initial wow factor, the practical uses of the LevitatingCup aren't immediately clear. For instance it remains to be seen whether customers will be able to use their own glassware with the LevitatingCup system. Another question is just how stable the LevitatingCup will be, especially in the often raucous environs of packed clubs and eateries.

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Hopefully glasses will float but stay put.


Still, the visionaries responsible for dreaming up the LevitatingCup concept are undeterred and have imagined potential follow-up products. These include ideas for a LevitatingPlate and LevitatingPillow along with a variety of colored electromagnetic bases for extra customization.

Interested? Check out the associated Kickstarter project. Backers supposedly will be able to get their hands on a LevitatingCup as early as October of 2016. Prices are expected to start at $179 for a wired base with wireless models costing more.