Expanding its business monitor line for content creators, Lenovo adds a 32-inch version of its 4K UHD ThinkVision P27u, offering an expanded color gamut of almost 100 percent of the Adobe RGB space and 98 percent coverage of DCI-P3. MacBook owners will like the fact that it offers USB/Thunderbolt 3 for input, as well as an out port to to daisy chain with other devices.

It's slated to ship in March for $1,350 (directly converted, about £1,000 and AU$1,720). That's roughly the price of Dell's HDR-capable (at 1000 nits) UltraSharp 32 competitor, which supports the ability to store color profiles in hardware, a feature the P32u lacks. And the P32u's 300-nit peak brightness isn't quite as bright as the smaller P27u's 350 nits.

On the other hand, the P32u does have that Thunderbolt connectivity, which the Dell lacks, and has a nice set of connections. In addition to the two USB-C ports, it has two HDMI and one DisplayPort connections.