Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 review: A solid 2-in-1 with productivity potential

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The Good The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 has an excellent keyboard, accurate digitizer and a solid performance. Its durable design features a generous port selection.

The Bad Its glossy screen is much more reflective in comparison to ThinkPads with matte screens. Plus it has an underwhelming battery life.

The Bottom Line The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 isn’t the flashiest Yoga, but offers a lot to productivity users who need a powerful two-in-one for writing, drawing or scribbling notes.

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8.3 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8
  • Battery 8

Why have a ThinkPad laptop or Yoga tablet when you can have both? That's the idea behind this two-in-one convertible Lenovo laptop. Lenovo was one of the first to embrace this concept with its Yoga line, starting in 2012, and latest Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 nails it on the head.

Starting at $1,265 (£1,030, AU$1,760) the 13.3-inch laptop is the happy medium between a 12- and 14-inch laptop. Its 360-degree hinge lets its screen flip over so it can be used as a tablet, and it has a stylus with a built-in holder so you can easily jot down notes.


It comes with a stylus and a dedicated compartment that also charges. 

Josh Miller/CNET

It's a great productivity laptop for business or college students, though it doesn't come cheap. The model reviewed here costs $1,389 and has a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U CPU, 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD.

The keys to success

The Lenovo laptop features the familiar island-style ThinkPad keyboard with a signature red TrackPoint nub and medium-sized touchpad for accurate navigation. There's also a fast and precise fingerprint reader (optional) that works with Windows Hello next to the keyboard that adds an extra level of security.


Lenovo ThinkPad laptops tend to have great keyboards and a useful TrackPoint cursor.

Josh Miller/CNET

The extremely responsive and tactile keyboard is one of the laptop's best features; typing on it feels like collapsing onto a comfortable mattress at the end of a long day. The way the smooth keys bow out slightly along the bottom edges is a unique Lenovo design innovation. It feels satisfying when writing long pieces and the wrist rest is comfortable.

The laptop comes with the Lenovo ThinkPad Pen Pro stylus, a Wacom AES digitizer that works with the 10-point touchscreen. It's capable of detecting 2,048 different levels of pressure, has two buttons and charges when stored in the dedicated digitizer compartment on the laptop's right side. 


The dedicated digitizer compartment also charges.

Josh Miller/CNET

The small, skinny digitizer responded accurately to movement and pressure, and it nostalgically reminded me of an old-school Palm Pilot stylus.

A commendable convertible

The laptop's two sturdy 360-degree hinges allows its screen to rotate back to stand, prop up as a tent or transform into a tablet, though at 3.1 pounds it's a little heavy to hold and use as a tablet for a long time.

The ThinkPad Yoga 370 is made of a mix of materials, including a carbon shell and lid. It's coated with a soft, smooth finish with a premium, rubbery feel. According to Lenovo, the laptop passed 12 MIL-SPEC durability tests, so it should withstand strong shocks. It definitely feels solid and well constructed.

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