Lenovo's latest ultra-portable, the ThinkPad X60, has certainly got its work cut out for it as it's set to replace the popular and highly successful ThinkPad X32. Like the X32, the X60's rugged design coupled with advanced security features and a great warranty make it ideal for the mobile professional.

With dimensions of 268(W) x 211(D) x 20(H) mm and a weight of 1.67kg, the X60 has been built from the ground up with the mobile business user in mind. Naturally, it includes Lenovo's trademark security features, such as a fingerprint reader for identification and a security lock slot. It's also been designed to withstand more than a few hard knocks, thanks to the rugged chassis design and metal skeleton that protects the internal components.

Internally, the X60 isn't as powerful as some of the other launch-ready Centrino Duo products, but it's still fairly competent for an ultra-portable. Specifically, it's got a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 512MB DDR2-667 memory and a meagre 60GB Serial ATA hard drive.

The display measures 12.1" and offers up a resolution of 1024x768, reasserting that the notebook is most definitely not designed to be a multimedia machine. Furthering this notion is the 0.5W internal speaker, which is only realistically suitable for basic Windows sounds.

The X60's extensive array of connectivity options should keep you online wherever you go. These include 802.11a/b/g wireless, Gigabit Ethernet, Infra-Red and a plain old 56K modem. Bluetooth isn't supported, however.

Perhaps the X60's most impressive feature is its Express Service Warranty, which covers parts and labour for three years.

As mentioned, the X60 will have difficulty satisfying your multimedia needs due to its low-resolution screen and meagre speakers. Obviously, gamers are also left out since the notebook only includes basic integrated graphics. That said, this won't be a significant issue for the product's target market -- highly mobile, business users.

The X60's lightweight yet rugged design, advanced security features and great warranty make it ideal for the mobile professional.