Lenovo ThinkPad T60

Like all ThinkPad models, the T60 is highly configurable. Component choices go from midrange to high-end, including a variety of Intel Centrino Core Solo or Duo processors; up to 4GB of RAM; discrete or integrated graphics; and SATA hard drives up to 100GB at speeds up to 7,200rpm. The ThinkPad T60 can be configured with either a 14-inch or 15-inch standard-aspect display and a variety of native resolutions; take note that the larger screen will add weight to the machine. Same goes with the 9-cell extended battery; it adds a few ounces more to the system, as well as $160 to the price, but we think it's worth it, considering the T60 isn't that portable a machine to begin with. The ThinkPad T60p model, which is otherwise identical to the ThinkPad T60, offers slightly different configuration options, including 256MB of video memory, UXGA displays, and certification for engineering applications.

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