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The Lenovo A3000 fails to stand out in a crowded market

Lenovo is the latest company to release a 7-inch tablet, we have a hands-on video and pictures

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The Lenovo A3000 is a 7-inch tablet with an IPS display. It runs Android Jelly Bean, has a 1.2GHz processor and is 11mm thick. We've had some hands-on time with it at Barcelona - check out our video above to see what we thought, and browse the picture gallery below to get a closer look at the product.

The A3000 is a definite step up over the A1000, with a higher quality IPS screen. Unfortunately, it's locked at the same low 1,024x600 resolution. The screen is definitely bright and features the same textured backside as the S6000 and many recent Lenovo Android tablets.

The Lenovo A3000 is available for pre-orders at $229 and is expected to ship June 20th.

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