What's oval, waterproof, wireless, solar-powered and comes in 5 colors? The Lemon California Roll bluetooth speaker.

Starting at $249 (converts to roughly AU$345, £200), it's available for preorder now and it expected to ship in March or April of 2017.

Wireless, solar-powered, waterproof and sleek.

Josh Miller

While its name suggests sushi is for dinner, the Lemon speaker is a different type of treat. The California Roll stands out in the sea of waterproof bluetooth speakers thanks to the 33 solar panels built into its back panel.

Charging via the solar panels takes about twice as long than charging via the micro-USB port, but if you're out camping with no outlet in sight, you'll take what you can get. The speaker can also charge your phone or tablet (like an external battery pack) via USB.

The speakers come with either cloth covered or metal grills.

Josh Miller/CNET

Instead of being round, rectangular or square, the Lemon speaker is oval to make it easy for smaller hands to grip. There's also the option of a cloth-covered speaker grill or a metal one.

You can't find the Lemon California Roll in retail stores, at least not yet, so you have to head to Lemon's website to purchase.