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Laser DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus review: Laser DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus

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The Good Tiny antenna actually works. Easy to record to SD card. Range of PMP functions.

The Bad Controls are stiff. Lacks visual flair. No HD channel support.

The Bottom Line It's not the prettiest PMP on the block, but the inclusion of digital TV support makes the MP32 a great little gadget.

8.3 Overall

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Most personal media players at least try to look attractive. Laser's MP32 is different, in that it's got a design that looks like it fell out of a cheap Chinese factory, and the chances are very high that it did. A 3.5-inch LCD screen sits beside a five-way selector that also doubles as a channel and volume changer, above slender Home and Menu buttons. Along the top of the unit are the power button, a lock switch, fast forward and rewind buttons, record and a standard SD card slot. Just next to the SD card slot is what at first glance appears to be the nib of a PDA stylus. It's not; instead this is the unit's integrated antenna. It's pretty small, and it's worth noting that even Laser doesn't believe in it very much, as it provides an extra tiny external antenna in the box, along with a cable to convert it to a standard coaxial antenna connection as well.


On the straight PMP front, the MP32 supports photo, music, video and radio playback. To be frank, if that's all it did, we wouldn't even give it a second glance. Where the MP32 stands out is the inclusion of DVB-T support, making it a portable digital TV as well. If the PMP side of the MP32 doesn't appeal to you, Laser also sells a cheaper non-PMP variant, the C30 for AU$149.95, and a more costly touchscreen model, the ST35 for AU$229.95. The SD card slot will take SDHC cards for recording TV programs, turning the MP32 into a pseudo-PVR as well.

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