Startup Kuna is known for its series of outdoor security cameras that are built into porch lights. But what if you already have a light fixture installed?

Enter: Toucan, Kuna's latest creation. Toucan is a $199 (‎£135 or $AU280) security camera that's designed to attach to existing light fixtures so you can still discreetly keep an eye on the perimeter of your home without replacing your entire porch light.

Like many security cams, Toucan picks up on motion and issues an alert to your Android or iOS device whenever unexpected activity is detected.

The benefit, of course, is that it's supposed to easily retro-fit to "virtually all outdoor light fixtures, old and new," including the fixtures illuminating your garage. Additionally, mounting hardware is included with your purchase.

Here's a run-down of Toucan's key features:

  • 720p high-def video resolution
  • 100 decibel siren
  • Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled

Kuna isn't the only brand selling cameras built into porch lights, but it is among the first to introduce a model that you can retro-fit to existing lights. Kuna's $199 Toucan is slated to hit retail mid-2016 on Amazon and elsewhere.

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