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Kogan Agora HD review: Kogan Agora HD

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The downsides

As a budget phone, there are certainly a couple of compromises that must be made. We'd say that first and foremost the Agora HD isn't 4G/long-term evolution (LTE) compatible. It runs on the 850MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz 3G bands instead.

We tested on Telstra in the CBD, and speeds were mostly in the 10-12Mbps range for downloads and around 2-2.5Mbps for uploads. This is fine for most people, but obviously, it's a far cry from 4G speeds.

The next issue was the on-board memory, which is just 4GB. The phone can take up to 32GB of external storage via microSD, but the limited space on the Agora itself may be a problem for some users.

Finally, the camera is no great shakes. The rear 8MP camera is serviceable, and will do more than adequately for social media snaps, but it won't be replacing a dedicated camera any time soon.


With a phone like the Kogan Agora HD, the question isn't whether it beats out other quad-core Android phones on the market, like the Galaxy S4 or the LG G2. Of course, it doesn't.

The question is what does it do for the asking price? In this scenario, the answer is quite a lot. When launched, the Agora was AU$199. It's now available on the Kogan site for AU$179.

At that price, it's an incredible bargain. This is quite a competent Android phone, but for well under AU$200, it's hard to beat for people with a budget.

If you're happy with the limitations, such as the lack of 4G, we're hard pressed to imagine anyone finding a better phone for such a competitive price.

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