Kogan 50-inch 3D LED TV review: Kogan 50-inch 3D LED TV

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The Good Good image with smooth motion. Great colour. Low price.

The Bad No network functions. Slightly fiddly remote. Some media file playback niggles.

The Bottom Line Kogan has produced a big screen with good picture and solid functions, all at a price that makes it hard to beat as a second TV.

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7.0 Overall

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While TV prices are plummeting (unless one looks at what we may pay for 4K), Kogan has definitely plumbed new depths with its newest 3D-ready 50-inch screen.


This is possibly one of the more stylish and attractive Kogan TVs we've seen; in fact, it's just a nice-looking TV, no qualifiers required. Out of the box, it's a slim-line, fairly lightweight screen, with an attractive metal-finish bevel and a well-weighted base (that you will need to screw in yourself).

The rear of the TV has four HDMI ports, component and composite ports, two USB ports, plus antenna in and VGA. Obviously, the part missing from the list is the Ethernet port — this isn't an IPTV-ready TV. (For that, you might want to blow another AU$99 on the Kogan Agora Smart TV Dongle). It will, however, work as a PVR when an external drive of up to 1TB is attached.

The remote feels a little light, but the buttons have a good feel and the layout is fairly intuitive and simple to follow, although the smaller buttons proved a little fiddly at times and hard to press.


Overall, we were pretty happy, and actually fairly impressed with how the Kogan performed. Both in standard and 3D, we found the image to be clear and quite sharp. Testing with high-speed action films such as Clash of the Titans, we saw very little blur, even when viewing the 3D version of the film.

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