Kodak EasyShare Photo Printer 350 review: Kodak EasyShare Photo Printer 350

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The Good Simple bluetooth printing. Good quality prints.

The Bad No LCD Screen. No photo card slots. Tricky to install just the printer drivers.

The Bottom Line The EasyShare 350 is a capable and nicely designed photo printer with a specific appeal for mobile phone camera users.

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6.0 Overall

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To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have the EasyShare 350 in any colour you like -- as long as it's black. Specifically, it's a small (17.4cm by 6.8cm by 29.5cm), light (1.098 kilograms) dye sublimation printer that Kodak pitches directly at the mobile phone camera market. While Kodak has a working arrangement with Motorola to promote mobile phone photography, we're yet to see a Kodak-branded phone; the EasyShare 350 instead represents their first dip into the mobile photography market.

Like most dye sublimation printers, setup of the EasyShare 350 is simplicity itself; once you've lifted it out of the box it's a simple matter of inserting the dye sublimation ribbon, which only fits one rather obvious way, slotting the paper tray onto the front and supplying power to the socket at the back. If you're only going to be printing from a Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone then you're done; if you're planning to connect the supplied USB cable you'll need to install the drivers and applications from the provided CD. A quick start guide is provided, but we only found it necessary to use it to double-check paper alignment -- at 50c per print or more, it's worth getting that correct.

The EasyShare 350 uses dye sublimation rather than ink printing found in most larger consumer photo printing processes. This approach gives it certain advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, the dye sublimation process includes layering on a waterproof and UV-proof coating to each photo, making them harder to accidentally destroy, and in theory improving the photographic lifespan of the shots. We'll get back to you in a century to let you know if the latter was true.

On the minus side, prints are limited by the capability of the ribbon; you'll only ever get as many shots as are listed on the ribbon, and it can be trickier getting supplies for dye sublimation printers, as the paper and ribbon form a combination pack.

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