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Kodak EasyShare P730 review: Kodak EasyShare P730

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The Good Comes with a variety of power plugs. Large variety of viewing modes and options.

The Bad Below average internal storage space (512MB). Appalling viewing angle. Very dim. Poorly renders colours.

The Bottom Line The P730 is fine for a cheap photo frame to remind you of happy memories, but falls down fast when you take a closer look at image quality.

5.2 Overall

The Kodak EasyShare P730 is one of a number of Kodak digital photo frames, but unfortunately it's not one of its best, and whilst suitable for every day use around the home, it lacks some of the qualities that bring it up to par with the best on the market.

Design and features

The P730 has a wide range of photo viewing modes: images can be displayed with and without borders, and with transition effects like photos appearing pixel by pixel or sliding across the screen. While this may seem like a minor thing, the differences between settings are quite noticeable, which makes your pet photos just that little bit prettier — or they would be, had the P730 a screen of acceptable quality.

For those travelling internationally and with a desperate need to show off your holiday snaps wherever you may be, the P730 provides you with a number of different power plugs, including American and European, which is a nice touch. The P730 is already simple to use, and we were able to access all its features and functions without referring to a manual.

As for memory card slots, the P730 has two on the back of the frame which take SD/SDHC, MMC, Memory Stick/Pro/Pro Duo and xD.

Performance and image quality

Unfortunately, the ability to dress up your photos and show them to fellow travellers in the airport lounge only goes so far if you're unable to see the puppy or infant you've taken a photo of. All electronic screens have an optimal viewing angle; poorer screens require you to view them from directly in front, while better screens can be clearly viewed on an angle. The Kodak P730 falls firmly in the former category, forcing you to view the photo frame from almost direct on if you want any form of decent image. This is a major problem for a digital photo frame, which by its nature means you are likely to view the slideshow of your photos on an angle as often as you will from directly in front. We found that even having the P730 on the desk next to us caused an unacceptable loss of image colour saturation. This issue only worsens the P730's already poor colour rendering capabilities, causing most of your images to appear, on closer inspection, to have been taken through a slight haze.

Unfortunately, this compounds the device's already dim brightness yet another step. So, to reiterate, the P730 has a dim screen, a bad viewing angle and poorly renders colours. None of these flaws on their own create an unbearable issue, but all combine to gently reinforce the fact that the P730's screen isn't actually that good.

The P730 is fine for a cheap photo frame to remind you of happy memories, but if you're looking for quality in your snaps, you're better off checking out a dedicated photo printer, or just taking your images to a professional photo printing store.

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