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Klipsch Custom 1 sound-isolating earphones review: Klipsch Custom 1 sound-isolating earphones

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The Good Warm and balanced sound; solid build for the price; well-suited to vocal and acoustic music.

The Bad Not ideal for electronic or heavily synthesised music; takes a while to get used to the fit.

The Bottom Line The Klipsch Custom 1s are unusual in terms of fit, but worth the money if you're a fan of vocally-driven and unplugged music, such as jazz, country and folk. As long as your music taste plays to their strengths, they're a good entry-level model, but, if you like heavy metal and electronica, other models will serve you better

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7.5 Overall

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Sitting on the entry-level throne in the Klipsch Custom series of sound-isolating earphones are the Custom 1s. At around £60, they're single-armature earphones, unlike the Custom 2s and Custom 3s, which are dual-armature models.

We've been taking the Custom 1s for a spin for the last week. Should you settle with these, or is it worth coughing up more cash to get the next model up?

Like the Custom 2s and Custom 3s, the Custom 1s have a triangular design. From each earphone protrudes the 'memory wire' that gives the series its 'Custom' name. This roughly 76mm (3-inch) wire can be flexed like a pipe cleaner, and will remain in the shape best-suited for the wearer's ear.

It takes a fair amount of time to get the Custom 1s comfortable. But perseverance pays off with a snug fit that remains comfortable after hours of wearing, and is suitable for use while jogging or at the gym.

We found that, despite being ergonomically designed, the sound-isolating tips provided in the box gave us some fitting and comfort issues. It's worth bearing in mind that the Custom 1s are compatible with sound-isolating tips from competitor Shure's SE range of earphones. We fitted a pair and enjoyed the fit much more. We appreciate, however, that this issue is only going to affect a small fraction of wearers.

Inside each enclosure is a single armature that handles all frequencies -- low to high. This is the only model in the Custom series that features just a single driver -- the rest have two. It's connected to a fairly thin cloth-encased audio cable that terminates in a gold-plated 3.5mm plug.

A complete range of effective sound-isolating silicone tips are included in the bundled hard-backed carry case, ranging from small to large silicone sleeves, along with small and large double-flanged tips.

We weren't surprised to hear the tried and tested Klipsch voice present in the Custom 1s. They have a very balanced, flat tone -- neither lows, mids or highs are favoured over one another.

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