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Sodastream is a leading manufacturer of home carbonated beverage machines and related accessories. Its current soda makers range in price from $80 to $200 and come in a variety of colorful plastic and metal finishes. While there are a lot of options, none of them are particularly eye-catching.

So, Sodastream enlisted KitchenAid to create soda machines with a decidedly '50s feel. KitchenAid's $200 Sparkling Beverage Makers are now available at Bed Bath & Beyond and channel the look of the brand's classic stand mixers. These Sodastream machines are available in eight different colors: aqua sky, onyx black, cobalt blue, green apple, empire red, contour silver, tangerine, and white.

This all-metal addition to the Sodastream lineup is intended to be a more durable, premium offering. All of the tech that makes these appliances work, however, will remain the same. Like other Sodastream machines, KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Makers require CO2 cartridges to deliver that desirable soda fizz. Specifically, they can accommodate one-liter bottles and 60-liter CO2 tanks.

Since these tanks have special handling and delivery requirements, competitors are proposing CO2-cartridge-free alternatives. Sparkling Drink Systems and Keurig have already announced upcoming systems that create carbonation by way of a pod. These pod-style systems shouldn't have the same restrictions as CO2 tanks and might just bump Sodastream from its secure position as an industry giant. Still, we're curious about KitchenAid's new soda machine and hope to compare it to these next-gen carbonation pods.