The Kenwood Here2Everywhere is a plug-and-play Sirius satellite radio with a larger-than-average six-line display, which could be particularly useful when driving. The list price is $150, but this model can be found online for less. It ships with a car kit for mounting in your vehicle and is powered by the included cigarette lighter adapter, but you can also buy other receptacles--a home kit or an additional car dock--for listening in other locations as well.

Upside: Like all plug-and-play models, the Kenwood Here2Everywhere lets you listen to the dozens of Sirius satellite music, news, talk, and sports stations wherever you go--assuming you invest in suitable docking stations--while paying only a single-subscription price of $13 per month. It also includes an FM transmitter, so rather than using a cassette adapter or a line-in port, you can hear your Sirius stations rebroadcast to any nearby FM radio. The Here2Everywhere can store 30 channel presets.

Downside: The Kenwood Here2Everywhere is transportable, but it's not one of the new MP3-enabled portable units (such as the Sirius S50) that you can slide in your pocket to listen to recorded (but not live) satcasts. Furthermore, the Here2Everywhere doesn't offer a TiVo-like recording buffer that allows you to rewind the last few minutes of a live broadcast--a feature found on similarly priced Sportster Replay and Starmate Replay models. And if the low price seems too good to be true, remember that you'll need to factor in the monthly subscription, as well as any of the extra accessories you might require to listen to the Kenwood Here2Everywhere away from your car.

Outlook: The large, easy-to-read screen of the Kenwood Here2Everywhere makes it a compelling, dashboard-friendly option for Sirius radio listeners.