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Kenmore 26132 review: This washer cleans better for less

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MSRP: $829.99
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The Good Kenmore's $830 26132 washing machine has the best stain removal score of any other sub-$1,000 top-load model we've tested to date.

The Bad Its small digital display isn't easy to read. The 26132 doesn't have a steam function or any other advanced features.

The Bottom Line Look no further than Kenmore's 26132 for a solid stain remover that isn't bogged down by features.

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7.4 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Usability 7
  • Features 5
  • Performance 9.5

Review Sections

Sometimes, you just want a simple washing machine that cleans well and doesn't have too many extras. If that sounds good, Kenmore's $830 26132 top-load washer could be for you. Here's what I like about it:

  • Simple, sleek display panel
  • Good at removing stains
  • It's regularly on sale at Sears, currently for just $640

The 26132 isn't the fanciest washer, but it's the best sub-$1,000 stain remover we've seen yet. If you're in the market for a top-loader, give Kenmore's 26132 a close look.

Getting to know the 26132

The Kenmore 26132 is identical to Kenmore's $950 27132 with two exceptions -- it doesn't have a transparent lid, and it doesn't have a steam setting (it also cleans a lot better, but we'll get to that later). See-through lids look nice, but they're purely a design feature. A steam setting boosts the wash temperature for a deeper clean of extra-dirty items. If that cycle is important to you, consider Kenmore's $1,100 29133 instead of the steam-free 26132.

Even without the transparent lid, the 26132 looks quite nice considering its low to midrange price. I just wish the digital display was larger because it's difficult to read from a distance.

Here's a quick overview of the 26132's specs versus other models that cost less than $1,000:

Comparing washing machines

Kenmore 26132 Kenmore 27132 Kenmore 22352 GE GTW485ASJWS GE GTW810SSJWS
Price $830 $950 $720 $650 $900
Color finish White White White White White, Metallic (for $1,000)
Capacity 4.8 cubic feet 4.8 cubic feet 4.2 cubic feet 4.2 cubic feet 5.1 cubic feet
# of cycles 11 11 12 13 13
Energy consumption 169 kWh/year 169 kWh/year 238 kWh/year 152 kWh/year 152 kWh/year
Dimensions (width, height, depth) 27.5 x 37 x 27.9 inches 27.5 x 37 x 27.9 inches 27.5 x 37 x 28 inches 27 x 44 x 27 inches 28 x 44.5 x 29 inches
Warranty 1 year, limited 1 year, limited 1 year, limited 1 year, limited 1 year, limited
Voltage rating 120V; 60Hz 120V; 60Hz 120V; 60Hz 120V; 60Hz 120V; 60Hz
App No No No No Yes, Android and iPhone

Can it clean?

Read this post for all of the gory details on how we test washers. Here's the short version: We run new stain strips coated in sebum (skin oil), carbon (mineral oil), pig's blood, cocoa (milk and chocolate) and aged red wine through three separate cleaning cycles. We then calculate an average of how much of the original stains are left. The lower the number, the better the washer did removing stains.

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