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JVC Everio GZ-HM550 review: JVC Everio GZ-HM550

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MSRP: $799.95

The Good innovative Bluetooth connectivity; some useful shooting and sharing options; good video quality; performs well in interior-lit conditions.

The Bad some complicated and superfluous advanced features; awkward laser touch control system; no HDMI cable included.

The Bottom Line The JVC Everio GZ-HM550's picture quality certainly cuts the mustard and we like some of its innovative features, but there are cheaper, easier-to-control camcorders available.

Visit for details.

6.5 Overall

Whatever happened to good old Bluetooth, eh? At one point, Bluetooth was the future. Everything was going to be Bluetooth-compatible. We were all going to live in Bluetooth houses with Bluetooth cars and Bluetooth cats and dogs. But then, presumably, someone realised Bluetooth was unreliable, insecure and painfully slow, and relegated it to the bottom of your mobile phone's settings menu.

Okay, so perhaps that was a little uncalled for. But it was with an undeniable twinge of nostalgia that we greeted the JVC Everio GZ-HM550, a £550 high-definition home-movie camcorder that proudly displays the Bluetooth logo on its lens housing. Bluetooth is back -- and this time, it's heading for Hollywood. Or, at least, YouTube.

Bite into Bluetooth

We have to hand it to JVC. Rather than just churn out another samey mid-range model with only a fractional difference in zoom length to distinguish it from the latest equivalent, the company has dared to include some features that genuinely set the GZ-HM550 apart from the crowd. And that includes its implementation of Bluetooth technology.

It's possible to set up your Bluetooth smart phone to be used as a wireless remote control handset with the camcorder, which is great, except for the fact that not all smart phones are compatible with this feature (see here.) Plus, JVC already includes a perfectly decent remote control handset in the box.

More interesting, perhaps, is the ability to pair the camcorder with a Bluetooth-enabled GPS device in order to geotag your videos and photos. It's also possible to use a Bluetooth headset to monitor audio and narrate clips. Again, however, these functions only work with compatible devices and, sadly, we weren't able to test them with the Bluetooth equipment we had here.

Geotag your latest game of golf with the GZ-HM550's latest Bluetooth capabilities.

Bluetooth isn't the only unusual feature on offer, either. The GZ-HM550 also provides some clever ways to film and share your results. There's a time-lapse function, as well as an ultra-high-speed (500 frames per second) video mode. The device even offers a way to shoot short bursts of continuous high-resolution photos at up to 25fps, while 'auto rec' mode automatically sets the camcorder to record when a person enters the frame. 

Lose control

When it comes to showing off your movie masterpieces, you can, of course, simply plug the camera into your telly via HDMI (cable not included). But it's also possible to upload your video directly to YouTube, export it to iTunes or burn it straight to disc, bypassing your PC altogether using JVC's standalone Share Station drive (around £100 online).

There's one more innovation that we ought to mention, and that's the GZ-HM550's laser touch control system. It's intended as a sort of hybrid between traditional button-based menu navigation and fully fledged touch-sensitive screens. You'll find a small vertical strip running down the left-hand side of the camcorder's 69mm (2.7-inch) fold-out screen. You can't miss it, since it flashes a bright blue light at you whenever you switch the unit on.

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