Despite being on the market for over 18 months , there are still relatively few 4K TVs out there in the wild. There's either the big guys -- Sony, Samsung, and so forth -- or a couple of cheap Chinese models from the likes of Seiki . There is still plenty of room out there for the JVCs of this world to play, and so JVC (via AmTran) has just announced three new 4K models coming in September of this year.

The new Diamond series will come in 55-inch ($999), 65-inch ($1,999), and 85-inch ($7,999) variations, and could rival the Vizio P-series (due in the Fall) for features if not even picture quality. Crucially, the 65-inch DM65USR will feature direct LEDs with 32 local dimming zones, while the 85-inch will feature 64 zones of dimming.

The TVs includes five HDMI ports with four including version 2.0, as well as HDCP 2.2 (for streaming 4K content).

Unusually, the models will come with two choices of smart TV systems, including its own roll-your-own version of Android TV, which features a slick-looking wheel UI, as well as a bundled Roku Streaming Stick . Like the 2014 Vizio televisions, the JVC models will not offer 3D.

If you're looking for something simpler, JVC has just started shipping its 1080p EM-FTR series, which comes in a variety of sizes, from the $429 42-inch up to the $1,399 65-inch version. These will also ship with a Roku Stick, and while they are also direct LED, they are not local dimming.