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Just Mobile Lazy Couch - notebook stand review: Just Mobile Lazy Couch - notebook stand

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The Good Portable, lightweight, and simple, the oddly named Just Mobile Lazy Couch works with laptops, tablets, or just about anything else.

The Bad When packed together, the two rubber and aluminum feet are too thick for some slim laptop bags. The height of the feet is fixed, so the angle may not work for you.

The Bottom Line A portable laptop stand boiled down to its most basic, the Just Mobile Lazy Couch has a design flair missing from other laptop risers.

8.0 Overall

Most of the laptop coolers, stands, and risers we've reviewed have been serviceable, but not always the kind of thing you're likely to use full-time. Some are big and bulky, some only work with certain sizes of laptops, and others are just plain ugly. I first ran across this set of laptop feet, the Just Mobile Lazy Couch, at the MOMA Store in New York, and picked them up on a whim.

Since then, I've used this $19 gadget on various laptops and my iPad, both at home and at the office, and frequently toss them in my shoulder bag along with whatever computing device I'm using that day.

The design feature that helps these laptop feet stand out from similar products, such as the Bluelounge Cool Feet set I reviewed several years ago, is that the two feet can lock together for easy transport and storage. Both Lazy Couch feet are grooved on the bottom, so that the two pieces snap into place, forming a small cylinder. That keeps the two parts together, which is important as they don't attach to either your laptop or table in any way, and makes it less likely you'll lose one (when I looked recently, I was only able to find three out of the original four pieces of the aforementioned Bluelounge Cool Feet set).

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