The June Pro, which costs $1,995, is a built-in version of June's smart countertop oven.


The company that created a countertop oven that uses a camera to identify and cook your food has created a built-in version of its smart cooker. 

The June Pro is designed to be incorporated in your kitchen cabinetry.


The $1,995 June Pro, which goes on sale in the US today, is identical to the $1,495 June Intelligent Oven. Both appliances use mobile device-grade processors, high-definition cameras and your home's Wi-Fi network to identify the food you put in (similar to facial recognition technology) and cook it automatically. You can also control each oven remotely from your iPhone or iPad and watch a live stream of your meal as it cooks. 

But June, the company that shares its name with its products, has designed the June Pro to become a more integral part of your kitchen design. The company will send professionals out to install the June Pro, a more involved installation then the June Intelligent Oven, which just sits on your countertop. The need for a more involved installation makes the June Pro a bigger investment than its predecessor. 

Think about it: Can the June Pro replace your full-size oven? Not quite. The June Pro only has 1 cubic foot of space (the same capacity as the original), so it's more comparable in size to a microwave rather than a wall oven. The company has no plans to make an Android version of its app, which cuts out a lot of potential customers. And if the June Intelligent Oven we tested is any indication, the company still has some work to do on cooking basics. 

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