Octopus watch is like an Apple Watch for your kids

Octopus smartwatch for kids teaches tykes how to stick to a schedule.

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Help your kid understand the importance of sticking to a schedule by using the app.

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If your kid is envious of your fancy-schmancy Apple Watch , they should try the Octopus watch on for size.

It's a smartwatch made for kids that looks charmingly like an Apple Watch, albeit smaller, more colorful and less expensive at $80 (converted, that's £65 and AU$110). Best of all, its purpose is to help kids become independent and learn self-discipline.

You get a notification when your kid completes their chore.


Using the Octopus app on your Android or iPhone , you can schedule reminders on your kid's Octopus watch to turn chores into a game.

When you schedule an activity or task, it pops up as a notification on the Octopus watch. After they've completed the task, they simply press the watch's lone button to clear the notification.

Meanwhile, you get an alert, too, when your kid crosses a job off the list, and this is where gamification comes in. The more tasks they finish, the more badge icons they get. It's up to you if you take it up a notch with toys or ice cream.

And if they miss a task, you can sit your kid down and have a talk about responsibility and accountability, or whatever you do when your kid doesn't finish their chores.


The Octopus-shaped night light kind of looks like the Snapchat ghost.

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Designed for children 3 and up, the Octopus watch also helps teach the concept of time. It has three modes: one that links time to tasks (for younger children), one that teaches how to read a digital clock, and one that teaches how to read an analog clock.

You can preorder the Octopus watch in red, blue, lime green, pink and dark gray. Though it's designed to look just like the Apple Watch, its plastic build keeps it cheap. An optional Octopus-shaped night light that also charges the watch is available for $50.