Joby Zivio Boom review: Joby Zivio Boom

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MSRP: $129.95

The Good The Joby Zivio Boom is a stylish, futuristic-looking headset complete with easy-to-use buttons and a boom mic that extends. It comes with two kinds of earpiece covers in a variety of sizes.

The Bad The Joby Zivio Boom's audio quality suffers from the occasional static blip and a slight tinny effect. Having to use the extendable-boom mic can be a little fussy.

The Bottom Line The Joby Zivio Boom is an attractive and comfortable headset that's also easy to use.

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8.0 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 8
  • Performance 7

Editors' note: Our initial review unit was found to be defective. We have retested the performance and audio quality, and have swapped out that section of this review. We have also adjusted the overall rating.

Joby might not seem like a familiar name in the cell phone world, but if you're a digital camera enthusiast, you might have heard of its very popular GorillaPod flexible tripod for digital cameras. Still, it might surprise you to learn that Joby is now extending its inventory to include Bluetooth headsets as well. Indeed, the new Zivio Boom Bluetooth headset by Joby is one of the strangest-looking Bluetooth headsets we've laid our eyes on, and we have to say we like the design and the comfort. However, its audio quality doesn't quite match up to its looks. Joby's Zivio Boom is available now for $129.95.

As we mentioned earlier, the Joby Zivio Boom is one of the most unusual Bluetooth headsets we've ever seen. Sporting a very futuristic look, the Zivio Boom is long and lean (measuring only 2.1 inches long by 0.59 inch wide by 0.28 inch thick), and is clad in a soft-touch plastic on the front with shiny silver on the back. The key characteristics that add to its chic design are the three large and round silver buttons on the front. These three buttons correspond to the multifunction call button and the volume increase and decrease buttons. The multifunction button is decorated with eight perforated holes, which let the color of the LED indicator behind the button shine through.

Another thing that makes the Zivio Boom original is highlighted right there in its name--the Zivio Boom actually has an extendable boom mic built into the lower-left corner. The boom mic slides out like a radio antenna, and (all thin and spindly) it even looks like one. When fully extended, the boom mic adds about 3 inches to the length of the headset. It also curves slightly along the curvature of the face, which helps place the mic as close to your mouth as possible.

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