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JLab B-Flex review: JLab B-Flex

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Installation is easy. Plug the B-Flex into a USB port and your Windows operating system should recognize it as a USB audio device. On the laptops we tested, this procedure automatically disabled the onboard speakers in favor of the B-Flex USB speaker.

You're not going to get a tremendous amount of volume out of the B-Flex. The speakers only pump out 1 watt per channel, but the sound is clear and undistorted when playing MP3s through iTunes. The B-Flex does produce enough volume to watch a DVD in a reasonably quiet setting. With such tiny speakers, however, bass response is lacking, and the frequency response is narrower than with an inexpensive set of headphones.

It's also worth noting that since the two speakers sit right next to each other, you lose any sense of the stereo field; although laptop speakers aren't much better for stereo separation.

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