Jays A-Jays Four review: Jays A-Jays Four

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The Good The Jays A-Jays Four earphones have an executive, durable design, and come with a tangle-free flat cord and unobtrusive three-button iPhone remote.

The Bad The wide earbud housing can be uncomfortable for some, and the sound lacks punchy bass oomph and dynamic range.

The Bottom Line The Jays A-Jays Four earphones provide a well-balanced sound and a polished, utilitarian design that make them excellent replacement earphones for your iOS device.

7.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7

Design and features
The Jays A-Jays Four headphones are almost the exact same design as the A-Jays Three set we gave a positive review last year, but the $70 Four pair adds a remote on the cord that gives you the power to skip, change, stop, and play tracks on your iOS device. They're $10 cheaper than the flimsy Apple In-Ears and we recommend the A-Jays Fours to anyone shopping for a replacement.

The A-Jays Four headphones are the ideal marriage of sartorial design and executive professionalism, so they don't scream for attention like the multicolored Radius Atomic Bass buds. Instead, the silver and black color scheme matches the iPhone 4 and the "fettuccine"-style flat cable is coated in rubber to prevent it from tangling in your pocket or purse.

The headphone cord is longer than average and measures 45 inches, or slightly more than 3 inches longer than the cord on the stock Apple earbuds. The extra material means less drag if you decide to leave your player in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Finally, the A-Jays Fours feature a new silver-plated L-shaped plug reinforced in rubber that puts less stress on the plug and prevents bending.

The in-line remote control sits almost 6 inches down from the right earbud and we appreciate its unobtrusive, lightweight design since we often complain about bulky remotes that pull and create tension on the bud. One side of the remote has three buttons that you can use for a variety of features--we assume most of you will press them once or twice to play, pause, advance, rewind, and control the volume levels, but you can also fast-forward and perform in-call commands. The complete set of controls works flawlessly with an iPhone 4, but 3G users can only play, pause, and rewind with no volume manipulation.