Jasmine for iOS review: A sleeker way to view YouTube videos

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The Good The app Jasmine gives you an intuitive interface and extra features for searching, browsing, and watching videos on YouTube.

The Bad As a YouTube client, Jasmine has to play by its rules, so some features get pulled to fit in with YouTube's guidelines.

The Bottom Line If you're a regular browser of YouTube videos, Jasmine is an excellent option with great navigation and added features to make your video viewing even better.


8.7 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 9
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 9

Jasmine is an iOS Universal YouTube client app with a clean interface and tons of features that make it a worthy YouTube app replacement, but it runs into some problems with YouTube's rules.

The YouTube app for iOS is not bad on its own, but with Jasmine you get a really stylish interface with both day and night (low-light) themes. Touching buttons produces neat, simple animations, which -- while not necessary -- add to the elegant feel of the app.

When you launch Jasmine, a navigation pane lets you perform common actions like search by keyword or browse top videos, get access to your favorites, playlists, and subscriptions, or simply view your recently played videos. But touching one of these headings gives you more options with a slide-in menu from the right. For example, under the Browse menu, you can look at featured, top-rated, top favorites, and trending videos, among others. Touching one of these will slide in another menu with a list of your results with thumbnails. On the iPad you'll be able to view more than one menu at once and you also can swipe horizontally to move back and forth between the various menus. On the iPhone you'll hit a button in the top left to go the previous menu.

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