Jamo Torsten 360 Series Soundbar review: Jamo Torsten 360 Series Soundbar

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The Good Very good sound quality. Very strong subwoofer performance. Multi-device Bluetooth.

The Bad Price is fairly high.

The Bottom Line The Jamo Torsten 360 series Soundbar provides very good audio performance, plus support for Bluetooth, but at a rather high price.

7.6 Overall

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The Jamo Torsten 360 series soundbar and subwoofer consists of a nicely slim soundbar and a substantial subwoofer. The soundbar has a couple of 19mm tweeters at the extreme left and right of its 1093mm width (it's only 77mm deep and 115mm tall). Between those are four 76mm midrange drivers. The enclosure is sealed.

Jamo doesn't say how much power is available for the soundbar drivers, nor for the subwoofer. Just the total system power is specified: 250 watts under unspecified criteria.

The subwoofer has a slotted rear port and an impressive 254mm driver mounted on one of the sides. This seemed rather reminiscent of a certain Klipsch subwoofer found with the Icon SB 1 system. As did the 250 watts of system power. And the remote control looked rather familiar too. It turns out that Klipsch's parent company bought Jamo about seven years ago, so presumably there is some technology sharing going on. Having said that, I should note that while the remote and subwoofer driver and, possibly, power amps may be the same, the Jamo system is more capable in other respects.

One of those is that in addition to the optical digital audio input and the stereo RCA analogue inputs, it supports Bluetooth and, perhaps uniquely, Near Field Communication (NFC) for pairing.

The subwoofer connects wirelessly (and is factory paired with the soundbar) so setup is straight forward.

In Use

Oh, I do hate so-called owners manuals that are designed on the assumption that everything you need to know can be conveyed in seven languages with almost no text and lots of diagrams. I had a problem and the manual was quite useless in helping me sort it out. Using the same Blu-ray player with the same optical digital output as I've used with all these soundbar tests over the last month or so, I popped in a CD and there was no sound. Ah, thought I. Wrong input selection! But there were three front LED colours to indicate input selection. Blue was (of course) for Bluetooth. But there was also green and amber. Was it green for optical? Or amber? The manual didn't help at all.

It turned out to be green, as I discovered when I switched over to a CD deck with optical output, and the music instantly started flowing. I went back to the Blu-ray player and fiddled with settings. It turned out that the soundbar would produce sound from a CD if I had the output of the Blu-ray player set to LPCM, but not if it was set to Bitstream. That was a new one on me since with CDs bitstream is in fact LPCM. When I popped in a Dolby Digital disc, it worked fine set to Bitstream. Likewise a DVD with 96kHz, 24 bit LPCM worked fine on Bitstream.

To be fair, you'll typically be running all audio through your TV, and indeed that eliminated the problem when I used a conventional configuration (Blu-ray player via HDMI to TV, TV via optical to Jamo soundbar). That also, with my system, eliminated another problem. Even with the CD player, when the player was plugged directly into the soundbar, it lost sync on the digital audio when there was a break between tracks (but not when one ran on from the previous one). It took most of the first bar of the next song to re-establish it, so you'd always miss the first few notes.

(Credit: Jamo)

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