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Jabra SP700 speakerphone review: Jabra SP700 speakerphone

MSRP: $99.95

The Good The Jabra SP700 is able to stream music wirelessly via stereo Bluetooth, and has an FM transmitter so you can use your car's stereo to get better audio quality. It has voice announcements for speakerphone status and caller ID. Call quality is good.

The Bad The Jabra SP700 lacks a dedicated power switch, and we would've liked some kind of music controls on the unit.

The Bottom Line The Jabra SP700 has a number of innovative features that step it up above other affordable speakerphones.

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7.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8

Most Bluetooth speakerphones for the car are meant for hands-free calls and that's it. The Jabra SP700, however, is one in-car speakerphone that is also compatible with stereo Bluetooth. This means you can stream music wirelessly from a stereo Bluetooth-capable phone to the SP700. And if you want better sound quality, the SP700 even has an FM transmitter that lets you pipe in the audio via your car's stereo. The Jabra SP700 has a retail price of $90 but can be found online for around $50.

The Jabra SP700 follows in the footsteps of Jabra's previous speakerphone, the Jabra SP5050, in terms of minimalist style. Measuring 3.3 inches long by 2.12 inch wide by 1.2 inch thick, the SP700 is one of the slimmest speakerphones we've seen. It has a pretty flat shape, with an oval, egg-like appearance when viewed from the front. Dominating about three-fourths of the surface is a large oval speaker grille. Above it are four LED indicators that show battery status, call status, Bluetooth status, and FM transmitter status.

If you're wondering where the power switch is, the entire top part of the speakerphone actually presses down to act as the multifunction call button. You hold down the button for two seconds to power the SP700 on, and hold it down for four seconds to shut it off. For answering or ending calls, you just need to tap it briefly. On the left spine is the FM button, which you use to transmit the audio to your car's stereo. The volume rocker is on the right spine, as well as the charger jack. All buttons felt easy to find and press.

On the back of the SP700 is a large metal clip that you use to attach to your car's visor. We should note that even though the SP700 can stream music, there aren't any music controls on the device itself - you'll have to manage that from the phone.

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