Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone review: Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone

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MSRP: $59.95

The Good The Jabra SP200 is a basic Bluetooth speakerphone with easy-to-use controls.

The Bad The Jabra SP200 doesn't have the fancier features of similarly priced models, and call quality can be a bit tinny.

The Bottom Line The Jabra SP200 is a simple Bluetooth speakerphone that sounds great and is affordable as well.

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7.3 Overall

Not everyone likes Bluetooth headsets when driving in the car; it can be a pain to wear all the time, and sometimes you can forget to bring it with you. A possible solution is to choose a Bluetooth speakerphone instead, which you can easily hang on your car's visor. Jabra came out with the Jabra SP700 Bluetooth speakerphone last year, and it had a ton of features like stereo Bluetooth and an FM transmitter, but it was a bit high-end at around $90 retail.

So, for this year, Jabra launched a cheaper and lower-end version, dubbed the Jabra SP200. It doesn't have as many features as its older brother, but it still works great as a speakerphone and only costs around $50. However, you can also get the more advanced Jabra SP700 for $50 these days if you shop around online. Still, the SP200 isn't as complicated as the SP700 to use if all you need is a simple Bluetooth speakerphone.

The Jabra SP200 looks a little like the SP700, except smaller. It has a flat oval shape, with dimpled dots along its front. It measures around 4.8 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 0.8 inch deep, and is small enough so that it won't look unsightly on your car's visor. On the face of it are a large Answer/End button at the top, a small LED light in the middle, and a circular speaker grille at the bottom. At the very top of the SP200 is a large volume wheel. On the back of the SP200 is a metal visor clip.

You position the SP200 on the underside of the car's visor so that the clip faces the ceiling. With this in place, we found it really easy to find and tap the Answer/End button even with our eyes on the road. The same goes for adjusting the volume, due to the large scroll wheel. The power switch is on the device's left side, while the charger jack is on the right. We appreciate a dedicated power switch, so it's easier to shut it off and conserve power when the SP200 is not in use.

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