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Jabra Freeway review: Jabra Freeway

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Like the Motorola T325 we reviewed last year, the Freeway has a very handy auto on-and-off function, though unlike Motorola, Jabra uses a motion sensor rather than the microphone to make this detection. This feature has worked flawlessly. Though it doesn't tell you it is switching off, every time we've jumped back into the car the Freeway automatically repairs with our phone and lets us know. With this system in place Jabra estimates you should get 14 hours talktime and 20 days standby time out of this speakerphone.

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The three-speaker setup beneath the Freeway's cloth cover.
(Credit: Jabra)

The most important metric to examine is the Freeway's ability to route clean, loud audio while you're on the phone, and in this regard we've been very happy with this device. Whether we were on the phone or streaming music from our phone, the audio coming out of the Freeway's speakers is top-notch for a device of this size. The Freeway uses three speakers to deliver what Jabra describes as surround sound, though this seems like marketing bluff to us after using it. There is more bass present than you'll probably expect to hear in a speakerphone, so much so that we actually preferred listening to music through the Freeway than out of the stock stereo system in our car.

When in a call, most of the people we spoke to told us that we sounded "distant", an unfortunate characteristic that isn't uncommon in Bluetooth devices. We also thought that the Freeway's volume controls could have been a bit more sensitive — the seven volume levels you can choose from can jump from too loud to too quiet depending on your preference.


If you don't have Bluetooth connectivity built into your car, the Freeway is an excellent way to go. The speakers are probably the best we've heard in a device like this, and extras like voice commands and auto on and off make this an easy recommendation.

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