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Jabra FreeSpeak Bluetooth headset w/ 2.5mm adapter review: Jabra FreeSpeak Bluetooth headset w/ 2.5mm adapter

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The Good Works with non-Bluetooth cell phones; comfortable.

The Bad Battery life could be better; bulky adapter.

The Bottom Line The Jabra provides an easy way to use a Bluetooth headset with a non-Bluetooth-ready phone.

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7.0 Overall

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If you're hot for Bluetooth technology but don't want to upgrade to a phone that has this capability, Jabra's FreeSpeak wireless headset and multi-adapter might be just the ticket. It turns a basic cell phone with a 2.5mm headset jack into a Bluetooth-ready mobile. And if you eventually upgrade to Bluetooth, this headset will still work just fine.

At first glance, with its bright blue MiniGel ear cover and silver styling, the FreeSpeak headset looks like something you'd see a character on Star Trek wearing. But once you place the wraparound headset on your ear, its sci-fi qualities are hidden from view. In terms of ergonomics, we found the lightweight FreeSpeak comfortable to wear and easily adjustable to fit either the left or right ear. We should note that you'll have to play with the headset a little before you get it to sit correctly.

Since this headset works with an adapter, you don't have to spend any time pairing up the FreeSpeak to a cell phone. Just place the adapter into a 2.5mm headset jack and turn on the headset; to place or receive a call, press the Talk/End button on the FreeSpeak and start chatting. There's another button on the headset that you can use to adjust the volume. The adapter also doubles as the headset's charging cradle/holster; if you plan on keeping the phone in a pocket, this kind of wireless connectivity can become a bulky load. Like many Bluetooth devices, the Jabra has a blue light that flashes when the headset is on.

We tested the FreeSpeak with the Samsung N200 and found call quality to be good. Callers typically couldn't tell we were using a headset. Additionally, we met the 10-meter range of use. As for battery life, we managed to get only two hours of talk time (it's rated at four) and about two days of standby time (vs. Jabra's claims of 100 hours).

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