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Jabra EarBoom w/ Universal 2.5mm Connectors review: Jabra EarBoom w/ Universal 2.5mm Connectors

Jabra EarBoom w/ Universal 2.5mm Connectors

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
2 min read
While we can't say we loved Jabra's EarBoom, in some respects it offers superior sound quality to other Jabra headsets. While we can't say we loved Jabra's EarBoom, in some respects it offers superior sound quality to other Jabra headsets.

Snug fit? Not quite
Jabra's headsets usually come with three different-sized (small, medium, and large) EarGels for both the left and the right ear. It's easy enough to swap out the one size for another; simply remove the existing EarGel and snap a new one into place. Jabra says you can wear "the soft EarGels comfortably for hours, thanks to the near-custom fit." That's a stretch, but chances are one of the three sizes will fit you reasonably well; just don't expect an incredibly snug fit. Also, you'll have to do a little tinkering to get the earpiece securely placed in your ear.


Jabra EarBoom w/ Universal 2.5mm Connectors

The Good

Flexible boom mike; relatively comfortable.

The Bad

No integrated Answer/End Answer button.

The Bottom Line

Fairly light and comfortable, the EarBoom offers respectable sound quality in a relatively unobtrusive package.

This model has a boom mike (thus the name EarBoom) that's attached to the earpiece's main housing unit by a stiff but flexible wire. The mike sits high on your face and can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Crystal clear
We were fairly impressed with the EarBoom's audio quality, as were callers. During a call using a Motorola Timeport 270c, both parties agreed that voices generally sounded clear and loud. For our part, we were able to make our way through the fairly noisy streets of New York City and still hear the conversation without interference from our surroundings.

Of the various models available in the Jabra line of headsets, the EarBoom is a step above sound-wise and is best for mobile phone users who are constantly on the go. With a list price of $24.99, the EarBoom is reasonably priced. Starting in November, Jabra will also offer the EarBoom Winder, which has a retractable, tangle-free cord.