Jabra BT110 Bluetooth headset

Quick Take: If you're aching for a Bluetooth headset but find them beyond your gadget budget, Jabra may have an answer for you. As a lower-range alternative to Jabra's FreeSpeak BT250, the Jabra BT110 has the power to bring Bluetooth to the masses (assuming, of course, that they have a Bluetooth phone). To keep the headset affordable, the BT110 uses a standard AA battery and features a low-key and minimal design. The result is a mixed bag. With the bulbous battery compartment, the headset seems somewhat lopsided, and we didn't particularly care for how it looked on our ear. The fit was quite comfortable, however, and the unit easily slipped on and off both ears. We also approved of the flexible ear-tip boom and the swiveling Jabra ear gel. The controls took some acclimation, but they weren't too distracting.

We were pleased to see Jabra did not compromise sound quality for economy. After we paired the headset to our Motorola V600, calls were loud and clear on both ends. The headset grew patchy after about 15 feet, but we still give it two thumbs up. Jabra promises 15 hours of talk time. For more Bluetooth headsets, check out our Bluetooth headset roundup.