iSmartAlarm Spot review: iSmartAlarm's next-gen security camera does more for less

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Now, the iCamera Keep has been updated and it can store up to 30 clips for free, but Spot brings iSmartAlarm even closer to the DIY security camera mainstream with its suite of new features and ease-of-setup-and-install.

Spot performed well overall, too, delivering prompt motion and sound alerts that I could view on the related app. One drawback is that the app doesn't clearly differentiate between motion and sound alerts when you're scrolling through the saved video clips.

Spot knows the difference between a regular noise and a smoke or carbon monoxide alert.

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But, the night vision was pretty crisp and its advanced "sound recognition," designed to detect a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and issue a custom alert worked very well. (iSmartAlarm plans to add more sounds in the future, like glass breaking or a baby crying.)

iSmartAlarm's $99 Spot security camera has more to offer than the $70 Ezviz Mini, but still manages to cost about $100 less than many of today's high-def models. Definitely consider Spot if you're looking for a smart and simple DIY security camera.