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Iomega eGo BlackBelt Mac Edition (1TB) review: Iomega eGo BlackBelt Mac Edition (1TB)

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The "Mac Edition" part of the name refers to its plug-and-play compatibility with Mac's HFS+ format, which lets it work with a Mac computer right out of the box. Iomega also includes a suite of software titles that add another layer of software protection, including a downloadable one-year-free subscription to TrendMicro Smart Surfing software for Mac, Iomega's QuikProtect file backup, and a lifetime 2GB per month subscription to MozyHome Online backup. The free software comes with purchase of the drive, but there are no CDs in the packaging. Instead, Iomega cleverly includes license codes for each program to access file downloads on the Iomega Web site.

Cost per gigabyte
The previous eGo Portable Mac Edition maintained an affordable price at 34 cents per gigabyte; however, it was still 7 cents per GB more expensive than the Fujitsu HandyDrive. This time around, Iomega pulled out all the stops and offers the 1TB eGo BlackBelt for just $220, or 21 cents per gigabyte. Although it's not quite as cheap as the Verbatim Acclaim, Iomega's triple interface certainly adds more functionality at a generous price compromise.

Cost per gigabyte

Using our same test methodology, we calculate the eGo BlackBelt hard drive to read data via USB 2.0 at an impressive 24.9MBps and 30.8MBps to write it back. Our FireWire tests achieved similar results at roughly 9MBps for both read and write tests. Both speeds are on the faster end of the spectrum, but you won't likely notice a big difference with the comparison drives unless you consistently transfer files upward of 10GB in size.

Drive performance (in megabytes per second)
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
USB read  
USB write  
Fujitsu HandyDrive
Iomega eGo BlackBelt Mac Edition

Service and support
Iomega continues to set the bar for external hard drives with a generous three-year limited warranty that covers standard parts and labor. The Iomega Web site and its user-to-user support forums are excellent sources for troubleshooting, but Iomega will replace the drive in the event of a manufacturer's defect.

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