Intuitive Devices BlinkIt iPod Safety Light

The BlinkIt by Intuitive Devices attaches to the dock connector port and supplies bright light to dark surroundings.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu
Intuitive Devices BlinkIt iPod Safety Light
Quick Take: The BlinkIt ($29.95 ) is a small but powerful flashlight that attaches to the dock connector of your iPod. Dual high-output LEDs provide a burst of very bright light to wherever you need visual aid. Operation is simple: plug in the light to your iPod and press the single button on the side.
Continually pressing the button will cycle the light through six different flash cycles ranging from steady on to irritatingly distracting. There's even a seventh unique style: a "flash to beat" option that unfortunately doesn't work very well. Intuitive Devices also includes five multicolored caps (clear, red, blue, green, and yellow) that quickly clip onto the top of the light. The light must be plugged into an iPod in order to function but will work whether the iPod is on or asleep. We were the most impressed, however, with the fact that you can adjust the direction of the light itself by adjusting a switch that controls a set of tiny mirrors surrounding the internal bulb. This accessory would be perfect for night runners, cyclists, or anyone who needs an extra bit of light in dark places.
Since the BlinkIt light does not have its own battery, it gets its power from the iPod, but very little: The manufacturer tells us that a normal flash sequence takes only 12 milliwatts, so you won't have to sacrifice too much juice to light up the night.