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The radio's case feels solid enough, but the finish is quite plasticky and you do get the feeling that it's not really going to stand up too well to many bumps and scrapes.

Also, as the set only has a single speaker, it can only produce mono sound. This is fine if you mostly listen to talk radio, but not ideal if you generally keep your radio locked to music stations. The sound quality was on the tinny side, but given the radio's small dimensions, that's pretty much to be expected. It's definitely more suited to talk radio than music stations. However, when you plug headphones into the mini jack socket on the left hand edge, your cans are filled with stereo sound.

Most DAB radios have an alarm clock mode, but unfortunately this feature isn't present on the TRS-01. It doesn't support the DAB EPG either and there are no fancy pause and rewind features that some of the more advanced sets now support.

One slight anomaly we noticed during our testing was related to the volume control. The radio's volume is controlled by a pair of up and down buttons on the right hand side. When the radio's volume has been turned down to zero and you go to turn it back up again, it takes about three seconds to respond, which is disconcerting. Perhaps it's something to do with power saving, but the problem remains whether you're running the set on mains or battery power.

The TRS-01 isn't the most solidly built DAB radio we've ever come across, but it is very compact and portable, has decent battery life and good reception. Given its relatively low price of £40, we have to say it's a decent option for those looking for a smaller DAB set.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Jon Squire

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