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Intec PSP Safe Case review: Intec PSP Safe Case

Intec PSP Safe Case

David Rudden
2 min read
While it's certainly a powerful system, the PlayStation Portable is a pretty fragile device--one impact on the wrong surface could be lethal for Sony's handheld. As a result, many companies have created carrying cases for the PSP. One of the most solid and sturdy of the bunch is the $10 Intec PSP Safe Case.

The PSP Safe Case measures 7 inches high, 4 wide, and 2 deep. It has a stainless steel exterior and a padded foam interior with a felt flap in the middle. The left side has space to fit the PSP, with small Velcro straps at the bottom. The PSP Safe Case doesn't include any instructions, so we weren't quite sure what purpose the straps serve. The flap in the middle has two compartments that you can slip UMDs into. On the right side is a single compartment that's the size of both the middle compartments combined. Again, we're not quite sure what's it supposed to be for. We ended up using the Velcro straps to keep a pair of earbuds confined below the PSP and the large compartment to hold a few more UMDs and a memory stick. We found that once a UMD was placed in either compartment, the safe case was pretty stuffed, and the latch didn't seem quite secure. We were also dismayed by the fact that there wasn't an elastic strap or a form-fitted area to keep the PSP in place. While it won't move about while the case is closed, if you open it at the wrong angle, the unit can come falling out. The Safe Case comes with a detachable shoulder strap to allow easy transport.


Intec PSP Safe Case

The Good

The Intec PSP Safe Case has room for the PSP as well as some games and accessories.

The Bad

The case feels stuffed whenever the PSP is inside. Also, it's difficult to tell what goes in each compartment.

The Bottom Line

The Intec PSP Safe Case can fit the portable as well as a few games, but it doesn't feel like the most secure carrying case we've tested.

Bottom line: While the PSP Safe Case can take some abuse and keep your PSP alive, we were unimpressed by the layout of its interior. The Logitech PlayGear Pocket and the Score Store and Protect Kit both offer better protection and storage solutions, respectively, for just a few bucks extra.


Intec PSP Safe Case

Score Breakdown

Design 5Features 0Performance 5