Incredimail for iPad review: Excellent e-mail browsing on a touch screen

You also get a camera button at the top right to quickly add images. A drop-down menu lets you browse through the folders in your photo library, and you can select multiple images before attaching them to the e-mail.

Incredimail for iPad
Incredimail displays e-mail in your inbox so you can get more info than the average e-mail client. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

If you connect Incredimail to your Facebook account, there is also an interesting feature called your Facebook Photo Inbox, but while cool, it's not perfect. Here, Incredimail gives you the latest photos from your Facebook feed and you'll be able to "like" images, but you cannot comment. That's not too disappointing, but in order to like an image, Incredimail insists that you allow it to post to Facebook on your behalf. It might be a matter of personal opinion, but I don't like it when apps post to Facebook without me knowing. However, I did find that I could still browse the latest images without enabling posting by Incredimail, but I don't like how it nags me and doesn't tell me what it will post if I allow it. Hopefully that's something that will be fixed in a future update.

Even with the Facebook feature fumble, Incredimail is definitely a great way to browse all your IMAP e-mail accounts. The visual inbox and clever swipe gestures make browsing e-mail much more fun, and the added stationary will come in handy for special occasions.

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