Imagine Detective Adventures

Here's a tech-savvy teenage detective who solves mysteries through a mix of wit and karate.

How is it high school kids make such great detectives?

In the tradition of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Alex Rider and Scooby Doo, here we have another smart adventurous teenage detective, Kristen Spark.

She has a big mystery to uncover, but not before she solves six other cases along the way. There are 48 mini-games to find clues, but Kristen uses her wit, intuition and karate skills to get to the bottom of it all.

Kristen travels by scooter and collects toys as she completes each case.

Among her other talents, Kristen is also tech-savvy, and reveals the truths she uncovers in her own personal blog posts.

The Imagine series is targeted to young girls aged from seven to 12 years.