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iLuv iSP110 review: iLuv iSP110

Also, we really wish iLuv implemented some sort of stand for the outside of the speaker case. Sure, we had no problem wedging something under it to project sound on an angle, but something built-in here would have really been nice.

We propped the speaker case up ourselves here.

Performance-wise the iSP110 packs in a better-than-expected oomph, delivering a clear if slightly tinny sound. Of course with traits like this, don't expect bass to be very noticeable, but nevertheless the speaker case gives you a much larger sound than, say, playing music right off your smartphone.

In our week of testing we didn't once require new batteries, so it's safe to say they'll last you for a while. That said, carrying a spare pair of AAs won't take up much space, so best to have them handy.

We appreciate how the iLuv iSP110 tries to address a very specific demographic who needs a bare-bones way to play music for unique scenarios. The speaker case is great for the beach, a round of golf, or a picnic. And because it's priced at $15 (and even cheaper online), picking it up seems like a no-brainer. If you lower your expectations to what a $15 portable speaker case should sound like then the iSP110 will certainly impress.

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