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IGuardStove Intelligent review: iGuardStove has your back if you're forgetful in the kitchen

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The iGuardStove also sends you email alerts if it's turned off your range five or more times in 24 hours (you'll also get an email if someone presses an emergency button on the control panel or if the iGuardStove loses connection). The emails, which came into my inbox almost immediately after numerous tests, could provide a caregiver with valuable information on how often a loved one in a different home forgets to turn off the stove.

The iGuardStove's makers have other models of the device, including a $395 Smart version without Wi-Fi and an Intelligent model for gas ranges. It will also work with Wi-Fi-enabled ovens that you can turn on remotely.

And it isn't just geared toward the easily distracted. Its manufacturers say the device would work well in homes of people with physical disabilities or aging adults who still live in their homes. The iGuardStove also sends email alerts if it has had to automatically shut off the stove five or more times in 24 hours. This is a good feature if you are worried about a loved one who doesn't live in the same home as you.

The iGuardStove delivers on its promise to stop cooking if you step away from your stove for too long. Once you turn on a burner or begin to preheat the oven, "Protection Enabled" pops up on the control panel's LCD display to let you know it's keeping an eye on you. The timer begins to count down after you leave the oven's range (which is about 10 feet).

If you leave the default shut-off setting at 5 minutes, the iGuardStove will begin to beep loudly to warn you that it will turn off your oven if you don't get back in range soon. Your range goes into a standby if you don't return -- technically, it's still on (for example, the convection fan in the oven on which I tested the iGuardStove kept operating), but all of the heating elements shut down until you return.

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You can access the settings and a usage history of the iGuardStove Intelligent if you log in to the product's website.

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There are drawbacks to the iGuardStove. There isn't a mobile app for the product yet, which seems like a feature that would be a given on a Wi-Fi-enabled device. The company says it has an app coming for both iOS and Android later in 2017, but it's not live right now. A promised temperature detection feature that can sense both high and low temps also isn't live yet. And $495 is a lot of money -- you can find stoves that cost around that price.

The iGuardStove works well in sensing when you use your oven and when you walk away. It could give you some peace of mind if you can afford it. If not, keep an eye on products like the Inirv React, a less expensive but similar system that fits onto your burner knobs and detects smoke along with fire.

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