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iDesign Power Speaker Stereo Dock for iPod review: iDesign Power Speaker Stereo Dock for iPod

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The Brookstone iDesign Power speaker can't hold up to audiophile scrutiny, but for $79, who cares? The 2.1 speaker array provides a surprisingly loud and full sound, considering that the whole system fits inside a shoebox. We also tested the Brookstone system using both the power adapter and batteries and noticed no difference in sound quality or maximum volume.

Compared with similar compact, battery-powered systems, such as the Griffin Journi or Altec Lansing inMotion Max, the 8 watts of power behind the Brookstone iDesign Power speaker system is able to hold its own when it comes to volume. Sonically, the Brookstone does a better job presenting lower frequencies than alarm-clock-style systems, like the XtremeMac Luna or iLuv iMM173, with a beefy, blunt sound closer to a miniature version of the Griffin Amplifi.

The only real complaint we can lay against the iDesign Power speaker system, given its low price, is the fact that it is not compatible with (or magnetically shielded against) the Apple iPhone. If you're an iPhone user or if you plan on becoming one, you'll need to invest some extra money on a compatible speaker system.

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