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IC Real Tech Allie Home review: This VR security camera has a baffling lack of security features

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The Good IC Real Tech's Allie Home camera live streams, records and photographs in 360 degrees, so you can see everything that's happening in a room all at once. You can also use a VR headset to make the camera's 360-degree view even more immersive.

The Bad The Allie Home costs $599 and has fewer security features than the $70 Ezviz Mini. That means no motion or sound detection, no alerts, no rules or scheduling, no Arm/Disarm modes, no...nothing.

The Bottom Line Yes, IC Real Tech's expensive Allie Home has neat specs, but that doesn't translate to impressive security performance -- don't get it.

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Let's start with this -- I can't recommend IC Real Tech's $599, £419, AU$845 Allie Home camera to anyone who's considering using it as a DIY security device. (At least, not as it is right now.)

I know that people don't often agree about home security, particularly what sort of set up is best, or at the very least adequate.

A comprehensive multi-device system, installed and managed by a professional firm like ADT is right for some. Others are content with a single security camera placed in a particularly vulnerable spot. And there are still plenty of folks who don't use any sort of security tech in their homes at all.

My grandfather, for instance, used to balance an upside-down glass Coca-Cola bottle on top of the front doorknob. If he woke up to glass shattering, he was ready to rumble with an intruder. (And yes, home security gadgets were a thing by then. He just preferred his more badass method.)

Nowadays, though, there are more home security options than ever before. That doesn't mean a Coke bottle won't cut it, just that there are a lot of products out there that are specifically designed to alert you when a potential problem takes place -- whether you're home or not.

We've reviewed a lot of them, but I've never been quite so stumped by a security product as I am with the very pricey DIY Allie Home camera.

Yes, the camera is neat. It's decked out with two, 180-degree fisheye lenses so you can live stream and record or take photos in a 360-degree environment. (You have to pay extra for the cloud recording/storage feature -- it starts at $6.95 per month for 24 hours.)

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