Humax PVR-9200 review: Humax PVR-9200TB and 9200TS

The Good Slick design; easy to use; powerful functionality; can record two channels at once.

The Bad Hideous remote control; very slow to transfer video to a PC.

The Bottom Line Whether you buy the black Humax 9200TB and or the silver 9200TS, you'll get a superb Freeview PVR with plenty of useful features and an unusually flexible recording system that allows you to do far more than other competing products

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8.3 Overall

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You might be thinking, 'hold on, the Humax 9200 isn't a new PVR', and you would be right -- it isn't. Humax, however, has discontinued the 9200T and replaced it with two new models known as the 9200TB and 9200TS. The change in model number doesn't just refer to the colour of the machine, though -- Humax has also made some other changes, which allow the new 9200 models to be labelled as Freeview Playback PVRs.

The good news is that Humax hasn't changed the winning formula that made the 9200T so popular, but it has made some nice changes to improve the machine. Owners of the existing 9200T will be pleased to hear that they can access all the new features by downloading a software update.

We think the decision to add a black version of the 9200 was a positive one, and of course people now get to choose the colour they want.

We are pleased to see the inclusion of a decent display on the front of the Humax, as well as some basic function buttons. We like the fact that you can control the player from the front panel -- it makes those moments where you can't find your remote control a little easier.

At the front you'll also see a flap that conceals the slot for the Top Up TV subscription card, and there's a USB 2.0 connection, which enables you to copy files on to and off the PVR.

The remote has an annoying cover that prevents you from accessing all the buttons easily

The remote control that comes with the Humax is the traditional slab of ugly grey plastic -- it's chunky and far too long for its own good. It has one of those pointless slide-down covers that conceals a few buttons, too. The only time a cover is necessary is to hide a button that's capable of launching a nuclear arsenal that will bring about the apocalypse. The Humax is missing the nuclear strike functionality, so the worst you could do is accidentally engage the Picture in Picture function.

Round the back is a pair of Scart sockets, one of which is RGB-enabled to squeeze the best picture out of Freeview. There's also optical digital to connect your surround-sound system.

Because the Humax is a Freeview Playback PVR, it has certain guaranteed functionality such as dual tuners and 'accurate recording', which means if there is a last-minute schedule change the recorder will compensate, and you won't miss the crucial last ten minutes of your favourite TV show.

One of the things we like most about the Humax is its cunning ability to record two channels and still allow you to watch a third, as long as it's on the same multiplex as one of the two channels you are recording. This sounds complex, but it isn't too tricky.

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