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The Good Shows a list of voicemails without listening to them; free; backs up messages to your email inbox; quick way to hear messages without droning voicemail lady.

The Bad Doesn't integrate with the phone's dialler; version for smart phones that aren't iPhone, Android or BlackBerry has limited features.

The Bottom Line HulloMail is a fantastic alternative to visual voicemail for the 99 per cent of phones that don't have that feature, whether you hate to miss your messages, or hate to have to hear them

8.3 Overall

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Every second spent listening to the incredibly slow droning of the voicemail lady is a second wasted. That's why we love visual voicemail, which allows us to see a list of our messages and who sent them. It's a feature that's only available to iPhone users on contract with O2, however -- until HulloMail comes into your life.

HulloMail is available free for iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerries and smart phones that support push email, which includes most Nokia smart phones. We used the iPhone 4 version for this review, but we've also used the Android version.

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We like to whip through our voicemails as quickly as possible, so we can get back to the soothing, impersonal interaction with our computer. So we love how HulloMail displays a quick list of VMs, which we can pare down without even having to listen to each one. That annoying ex still calling? That mate you're avoiding? That war-crimes tribunal trying to get you to turn up to some inconvenient trial in the Hague? Deleted without even having to hear a minute of their whining.

If you do want to actually listen to your messages, you can do it from the app, as well as call back. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use, and we found setting up the app with our voicemail simple, using the HulloMail Web site.

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