HTC Advantage X7510 review: HTC Advantage X7510

The Good Screen; storage Qwerty keyboard; connectivity; battery life; good features.

The Bad Price; practicality; camera; graphics performance.

The Bottom Line For the most part, the X7510 stays close to previous models, but improves on the storage, adds a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and updates its Qwerty keyboard with a haptic feedback system. The price will certainly be the deciding factor and it's not quite practical enough for all mobile conditions. It does provide a useful alternative to a laptop when working away from the office

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7.5 Overall

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The HTC Advantage X7510 smart phone adds Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and updates its Qwerty keypad with haptic feedback. Are these additions worth the price tag? The X7510 was supplied by, where it's available for £656.

Cosmetically, the X7510 is virtually identical to the original Advantage, though a few buttons have been removed from the front facia. The OS is now Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with a standard HTC customised home interface.

Its weight and larger profile are in place to accommodate the 127mm (5-inch) touchscreen display, which, despite its VGA resolution, will at least retain better compatibility with third-party programs.

Apart from the impressive 16GB of storage, miniSD card expansion and multimedia touches -- stereo speakers/3.5mm headphone jack -- the X7510's biggest improvement lies with its keyboard. While the keypad is completely flat, it does provide a dedicated number key row and the new haptic feedback system gives off a slight vibration/audible noise when each key is pressed. This feature resulted helped produce a quicker and more comfortable typing experience than we had expected.

When the board is not in use, it clips to the front of the screen and provides basic head's-up information related to network status, battery strength and time. When required for typing it locks into position with a strong magnet and the screen angles back slightly.

The TV-out cable can be used to rig up your device to a TV/VGA monitor (S-Video/Composite/D-Sub) to watch movies. You could also utilise the USB port to attach a full-sized USB PC keyboard or flash drive.

Additionally, the X7510 is adorned with a 624MHz CPU, 128MB RAM (with 77MB free, allowing for better multitasking), HSDPA support, dual Wi-Fi and a GPS receiver. The receiver was pretty slow at picking up our location indoors using Google Maps, but there's a data utility supplied to help.

HTC also throws in a host of extra software/utilities -- far too many to list here. The cream of the crop has to be the Opera 9 browser, which alongside the display makes Web surfing a dream.

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